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  • Panacea.Exe 1.41M
  • Panacea.Txt 884B



                p a n a c e a

                     b y

                    t b l

d a r k s i d e -- s e c o n d   e p i s o d e


 c o d e
                                    g i z m o
                          r u b b e r d u c k
                                  d i g - i t

 m u s i c

                                  l i z a r d

 g r a p h i c s

                                    t u d o r
                          r u b b e r d u c k


   thanks to Scout / C-Lous & Artwork for:

candy, c2ps, linedrawer, more candy, red bull,
         out of candy, (buy more!)

Also big thanx to the soccerteamates who made
it possible to wipe the floor with the other
                sorry asses. 

            Vodka : you suxx! :=)