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  • BASS.DLL 91.02K
  • data.pak 3.42M
  • tesla.exe 240.00K
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 T E S L A  sunflower

 zagorowicz konrad   yoghurt   electronics
 ojala pauli   saffron   projections
 svanholm jakob   radix   high fidelity
 haessig anne   lluvia   high fidelity
 additional personnel:

 behr dominik   technomancer    singularity
 podgorski wojtek   sunreal   radiator programming
 borkowski janusz   division construction

 we'd like to thank:

 Ian Luck for bass sound system
 Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42, Inc. for pnglibrary
 The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software for jpglibrary
 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for zlib

 Intense 2-day demo hull integrity test sequence
 conformant to SMPTE-B.602 standard (Wroclaw treaty subparagraph 80)

 win32, uses OpenGL, and no, 3dfx voodoo 1/2/3 chipsets won't cut it
 because the demo uses some textures larger than 256*256.

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