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2010-04-15 23:04:02
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Screenshot (by Demozoo)



  • vokawardoai_vifix.exe 1.01M
  • vokawardoai_vifix.nfo 791B


  S A T O R 2 1 X X   X  -  V O K A W A R D O A I
  p a r t y v e r s i o n v i d e o m o d e f i x
 Run this patch in directory of Breakpoint 2010
 party version (pv0777) release.
 04. 04. 2010  13:04 80835721 vokawardoai.exe
 will be fixed to run in other than 1280x720 mode
 I'm sorry due to missing 1 line of code to
 release this patch. There's planned final
 version of this piece but it will take some
 time so enjoy also fixed desert part as it
 was screwed due to time pressure.
 modes supported now:
 - 1280x720
 - 1280x800
 - 1440x900
 (C) S /\ T () R | 2 0 1 0