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Pixel 3D - Raizor's entry for the DBF Image Processing Challenge (July 2011)


This was thrown together in a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and it probably shows ;)

You need the .Net framework v4 installed to run this demo(?)

I've used C# and the OpenTK OpenGL Toolkit to put this together. I thought it would be
quicker to use this and knock it up in C# rather than faffing around with image loading
in C++.

This proggy uses two images (a base image and a heightmap) to generate 3D data representing
the image. The heightmap is used to control the Z value of the pixel cubes. You can use the 
same image for both the base image and the heightmap. The heightmap pixels are averaged (RGB)
to give a height/depth that is applied to the corresponding pixel in the base image.

* Drag the mouse around to move the 3D pixels.
* Use the mousewheel to zoom in/out.
* Load a preset image from the "presets" menu or load you own using the "Load Image" and "Load Heightmap Image" options in the file menu.
* If using your own images, you need to ensure they are the same dimensions and click "Process Loaded Images" (in the file menu) to get them on the screen.


Performance is a bit shabby. This is probably a combination of C# and bad code. I started plugging in vertex array rendering functionality but ran out of time. This would probably work pretty well if converted to use shaders too. Maybe something for the future. I also toyed with the idea of adding some kind of music sync to control the 3D effect, so I may make a demo based on this idea in future.

Anyone, hope you get a minute of two of fun out of this, sorry it's a bit shabby.

Thanks for reading/looking,