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           Destination Goatland by Noice - for Windows
            Winner of the Remedy'1998 demo competition

                  Visit us at

Legal Notice:
This demo is free to spread and copy as much as you like. 
However, if you put this on a CD availible the public in any way,
you must send one copy to us.

This is a port of the Destination Goatland demo, which originally was 
targetted at DOS and was compiled with DJGPP and used VESA for graphics.

Now it's availible for Windows, and it's very much the same except for
some bug fixes here and there. 

It uses either DirectDraw7 or DirectDraw3 (for Windows NT) in fullscreen 
320x240 with a colordepth of 32, 24 or 16 bits. It can also run in Window 
mode using standard GDI, but this should only be used if the other fails.

Main Credits:
Porting....: Hubble
Coding.....: Gnilk, Hubble, Iceman
Graphics...: Flood & Marwin
Music......: Andromeda & Evade

Additional Coding:
Krikkit....: Raytraceing engine.
Shadow.....: Vertical twist ("stock") in the greetingspart.

Additional Credits:
Musicsystem: MIDAS by Sahara Surfers.

Some words from the authors:
Feel free to contact us at:

   Andreas Vernersson
   Vaderleden 3c:108
   S-976 33 Lulea

Worthless knowing & tech info:
Realtime tracer uses 2 recursion levels.
Scene consists of:
2 lightsources
2 Animated spheres
1 Cylinder
1 Checkermapped infinte plane

/Visit us at