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  • bass.dll 93.58K
  • gamma2.xm 52.70K
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                             -- gamma 2 win 32 --

                           - final party version -
                                  - tp'97 -

        (C), (TM) and (R) mfx 1987-2003. Software patent pending. (*)


Note {

        Due to our top secret project, this infofile is declared obsolete and
        may not be up to date. Maintaining is done for downward compatibility
        purposes only.


Credits {

        Programming   216
        Graphics      rainmaker,

        Music         arto, uncle-x

        Dezing        216, uncle-x, rainmaker
        Win32 port    dake / calodox

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Go away. There's nothing to see here.

"Raytracing", sure! {

        It was in the beginning of 1995 when 216 had this pretty wild idea of
        a realtime raytracer. But soon it was discovered that the project was
        not only impossible but his programming skills weren't at that level.
        So he decided to do it the other way around.

        Transgression 1 was created. It wasn't anything but a regular polygon
        engine with a clever trick used. After filling the scene it just took
        samples from here and there and painted big blobs on those points and
        thus the outlook was so crappy that no-one was to tell whether it was
        traced or not.

        The audience probably noticed that something wasn't right and it only
        got the second place at the compo. Well, the winner intro was so much
        better that we didn't feel sorry for that.

        Anyway, we were greedy enough, and tried again. As the problem of the
        first one was that it didn't after all look that much like raytracing
        we had to implement reflections somehow. However, back in those times
        216 didn't know anything about how to do environment mapping.

        We were in trouble but, luckily, some of us knew some dudes in a real
        demogroup, Mewlers. Uncle-x somehow managed to make them believe that
        216 had just forgotten some details and so their coders, desperately,
        tried to teach him some facts about coding stuff.

        Years went by and the sequel, Transgression 2 (wouldn't have guessed,
        would you?), got squeezed up together. This time we did everything to
        make it win. We even tried to spread a gossip before compos.

          - Hey, psst, I have heard there's a really really cool intro in the
            compo. It's full of realtime raytracing with lens flares, lights,
            shadows, fog and even 2d-tunnels!
          - Oh, fuck off!
          - Yeah, sure.
          - Buahaha, did you fall in that one too?

        Even though the projector sucked so badly that one wasn't able to see
        anything on it, it got the third place just because of those rumours.
        So, it was cool and we thought that that's it.

        Hell no, few decades later it got to the newsgroups. Those guys there
        in fact thought that it was real raytracing! None of us could believe
        it in the beginning but it was true: our intro was mentioned at least
        in five newgroups. Were we world famous or what?

        Shit! We were so embarrassed that we simply couldn't tell anyone that
        it actually wasn't raytracing but a simple fake. So we were forced to
        focus on other projects for some time.

        After doing some weird underground-looking shit for maybe a millenium
        no-one cared to give a shit about us. Our plan was succesful.

        We only needed to add the final straw. Gamma, it was a version of the
        "tracer" which didn't have that stupid blob-blurring trick on the top
        layer and anyone could tell what it actually was. It was still called
        a tracer in the infofile but this time it was filled with some really
        outrageous performace statistics which should have rung a bell. As we
        weren't that known anymore we didn't get beaten up very severely.

        This project, why? I really don't know.


Hellos {

        Hello? Anyone there?

        Ahem, seriously, if this won't get at least *****, the real greetings
        should go to the dude behind certain joke ad in csipd.


You know you've been coding too long when... {

        You start thinking things and people as some sort of pieces of C code
        (viewing their data structures before your eyes) and eventually can't
        make difference between an alive human being and a simple AI program.
        Then he says something. Of course, you don't understand a word of it.
        Therefore you assume he's buggy and think optimizing him (usually the
        first version of any program is a bit unclear having loads of useless
        stuff. optimizing makes it clearer), simplifying his logic and adding
        some trace here and there hoping for the bug to disappear.

        Anyway, abduction was a nice party.


(*) {

        No, not really. As I believe in freedom you may use the executable in
        whatever way you want. (Be prepared for bad trips tho)