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About the demo.

      Production: Out
            Crew: Lineout
            Type: Demo
        Platform: Atari Falcon030
    Release date: January 19, 2004
           Party: n/a

About the movie.

     Video-codec: MPEG-2 (Apple Compressor)
Video-resolution: 720x576 interlaced PAL
   Video-bitrate: Approx 2Mbit/s
     Audio-codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2
   Audio-bitrate: 224kbit/s stereo
    Post filters: None

This video is made for playback on DVD-players connected to a TV.
The interlaced video gives a 50Hz motion and 576 lines resolution.
2Mbit/s MPEG-2 barely is enough for full DVD-resolution, a version
with higher (3-fold) bitrate exist if somebody would need it.
The input source is composite video, so the image is somewhat
blured and noisy.

Playing this on a computer requires a player capable of de-
interlacing the video. This will shrink the motion to 25Hz and
image quality a fair bit. A player which can do this and that
exist for many platforms is VideoLAN:
We do not recomend playing on a computer screen. The framerate will
look un-even and resolution will be lower, use your stand-alone
DVD-player instead!

Have fun!

Anders Eriksson -