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2004-03-09 23:03:37
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  • equalize_it/ dir
  • equalize_it/equalize_it.exe 152.50K
  • equalize_it/equalize_it.tkx 309.92K
  • equalize_it/eqxmms.dll 72.00K
  • equalize_it/file_id.diz 1.42K
  • equalize_it/SDL.dll 192.00K
  • equalize_it/SDL_net.dll 18.50K
  • equalize_it/tksdl.dll 312.00K
  • equalize_it/tksidplay2.dll 416.00K


   .__.________________/l__.                   .
   ( ¬|__.  ____  ______. ¬|-  - --------------.
   /  | ¬|  ___)  \ ¬| ¬|  | bacK tO dA brickS |
   \___  l_________  l___  | iN  2·0·0·3  A·D. |
      `--'tGø     `--'  `--' -  ---------------'

         -= e q u a l i z e   -   i t =-

a nostalgic journey through 20 years of C=64 SID music. 
released in the heart of december 2003.

requires SDL, OpenGL 1.0 and a rather fast processor (~2GHz).
tested with ATI Radeon9500pro+2,4Ghz Athlon, ATI RageMobility 
M1+800MHz Duron (ooooooold), ATI Radeon7500+2Ghz Athlon.

if you have a slow machines..:
	press space to enter "non-realtime" graphics mode (i.e.
        all CPU time will be free for audio)
        press f1 to disable the equalizer
        press f3 to disable soundoutput at all (...)

this production has been created with my howegrown "TKS" 
development environment which can (to a certain extent) be 
compared to Macromedia Flash or Director. Thus, this product is
highly portable since it sits on top of an open source RTE which
should compile on Un*x/X-Windows, Win32 and hopefully others.
if you want a linux version build the TKS,TKSDL,EQXMMS and 
TKSIDPLAY2 sources from my website and then 
try "tks equalize_it.tkx" once you're done.

greetings to all (ex) lego and absolute members and the SCALA folks!

happy new year!

hermes and dsn.

	- 23rd of December 2003.