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  • FadeIn 7.33K
  • FadeOut 6.50K
  • MyKing.bat 45B
  • PART1.EXE 1.89M
  • PART2.EXE 1.64M
  • PART3.EXE 2.90M
  • README.TXT 1.56K


Some blahblah from one of the coders:

So  here  it  finally  is, the FINAL release of "My Kingdom".  With
lotsa new improved stuff over the party version, rite?  Nopes..

Being  responsible  only for the code (+scenes and textures) behind
for part1 and part3, I had to sit back and wait a looong time (like
everyone  else)  for  part2 to be finished by someone else.  How it
took  them  this  long  to change a texture and the movement of the
raycasted  tunnel  is beyond me, and frankly, I don't even know nor
care  who  did it.  Anyhow, here u have the demo in pretty much the
same beta state as the compo version was.

My  intension  with  mentioning  this  is just that I wanna make it
clear that I had no part in stretching the release this far.

As  u  might  have  noticed  the  demo-script uses two CLI commands
FADEOUT/FADEIN to blacken the CLI in between parts.  If these cause
any  inconvinience  to  you, they can easily be removed or replaced
with other, more appropriate, CLI utils.

Experiment  with  the  CPU  util to find the best cache setting for
your  machine.   For  instance 030 databurst cache gives speedup in
some parts, where it slows things down in others.

None  of  the parts are crunched, so if you think you have the time
and memory for it, go ahead and crunch away.

I  tested it on 030 and 060, and you 030 users will experience some
minor bugs and a less than desireable framerate.

If  the  demo  stops in between parts, you most probably ran out of
memory,   and  you  ougtha  give  it  another  shot  with  a  clean