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    The gentlemen of Fit proudly bring you, Dear Sir, a new publication


    First presented at Assembly'03 festival 64 kilosyllable competition

    Programming and graphical outfit  :  Marq McFit
    Musical composition               :  Roz O'Fit

    For fine-tuning purposes we welcome you to use the following
    arguments: -a (do not set nvidia antialias), -w (windowed operation
    mode), X Y (resolution, for example 1024 768)

    We deeply regret the outrageous computational requirement of this
    publication. However, at the time being we would not recommend
    executing the program with any lesser computer than a P3/G4/R12000
    level machine equipped with GF2/Radeon level graphical adapter and
    160 megasyllables of Random Access Memory.

    Originally created for the gratis Unix-like Linux operating system,
    but further versions and the source code can be obtained from our 
    web site: