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  • hexdata/ dir
  • hexdata/afrogirl.dat 14.60K
  • hexdata/ankels.dat 1.35K
  • hexdata/bootsy.dat 4.76K
  • hexdata/bottles.dat 3.88K
  • hexdata/browni.dat 4.46K
  • hexdata/da_pope.mod 511.55K
  • hexdata/fiske1.dat 1.17K
  • hexdata/fiske2.dat 1.02K
  • hexdata/fontti.raw 120.00K
  • hexdata/james.dat 14.19K
  • hexdata/splash.raw 75.00K
  • hexdata/stara.dat 344B
  • hexdata/stara2.dat 344B
  • hexdata/travblk.dat 1.35K
  • hexdata/travolta.dat 1.69K
  • hexpist.fxe 361.39K
  • README.txt 371B


The Fiture Crew presents: Hex Pistols
Originally for AGA/060 Amigas at Motorola Inside'05

Marq		 Code, Gfx, GP32 port
Roz		 Mzx
Christian Nowak	 MODPlay library

Notes for the GP32 version:
hexpist.fxe and the subdirectory hexdata must be placed directly in the
GPMM directory or the demo won't work.