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Fit presents: Dr.Fungi

A quick funk production for's iQuest 2002 compo. Haxored 
together in less than 60 hours. Originally for Mac OS X, versions for 
Windoze and Unix plus the source released afterwards.

cde:	Marq
gfx:	Man
mzx:	Roz

Requires OpenGL and at least a 300MHz machine. Graphics and sound done
with SDL by Sam Lantinga ( OSX version of the SDL
together with ATI's drivers may cause sudden system crashes and almost 
prevented us from entering the compo. Parameter -w from command line will 
run the demo in window. This is a Mac demo: exit with mouse button ;v)

If you don't happen to have SDL, don't worry. We've included the correct
version. Just set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to . and off you go.