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farb-rausch 05 : konsum @ evk2k
fbfgthrp feat. mentz/tdr


th[fr] speaking. we proudly present you our newest and of course
super hot production called "farb-rausch 05 : KONSUM". Hours...
nah... MONTHS of hard work were necessary to produce such a great
piece of computer aided audiovisual art. And it even has a meaning.
Go find out.

fb[fr] has the mike. hallo poti, wir haben dich lieb ! und ausserdem 
moegen wir auch kolor !
und die angst vor lord chaos ist auch nicht mehr das, was sie mal war ...
btw thanks to mentz of tokyo dawn records for allowing us to use his
great tune. (the tune is from tpxx .. dont know which exactly)

fg[fr] on the keys... as i wrote most of the backing code in this stunning
farb-rausch production i would seriously like to hear if you have problems
running this demonstration on your computer. if you have problems, mail
them to

rp[fr] consume this demo. love us. send us money. or expensive things like
cars, stereos, your pants. wir wollen konsumieren also helft uns komplettieren.
maybe this is the stuff which you've been waiting for, maybe not. after all
you'll still be consuming shit. meine mutter? deine mutter!