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      welcome to the world of...

          fr-038: theta
a paniq/cp/ryg/chaos coproduction.
       released at tum 2004.

       "final version 1.01"

I. the story:

  well, one guy, a pretty fucked-up idea, and 3 months of
work. (well, 2 of them idled away with experiments that didn't
make it into the final demo). and some pretty heavy-duty
short-before-the-deadline tweaking, as is customary for quality
farbrausch products.

II. compatibility:

  for the final version, requirements have gone down somewhat.
a gf4ti4200 is enough to watch the demo at a decent framerate.
a pixelshader graphics card is still required though, and 64mb
or more of vram would be a very good idea. as for processors,
anything above p4 1.6ghz (or equivalent athlon) should be perfect.
256mb system ram would be cool, though it probably works with 128
just fine.

  sound problems are supposed to be fixed. please mail us about
any problems you should encounter though.

III. the credits:

  this uses the werkkzeug3 and so is based on the current .kkrieger
engine (heavily modified from the one used in the beta version).
detailed credits:

  paniq - concept/music/graphics/design/direction
  cp - additional graphics/design
  ryg - main code/additional tweaking
  chaos - code
  fiver2, gizmo - werkkzeug3 co-development
  kb - namedropping
  yoda - additional namedropping

IV. the greetings:

  greets must go to

  moppi . equinox . mfx . conspiracy . asd . kolor . rgba . calodox
  oxyron . freestyle . scala . fairlight . fuzzion . haujobb . boah
  kosmoplovci . bauknecht . black maiden . fan . tbl . throb . pain
  concept . unique . spinning kids . pragma . melon . fit+bandwagon
  tpolm . stockholm syndrome . cryonics . lithe.lewd.leyman . xplsv
  potion . satori . and . cocoon . hornet . matt current . doomsday
  komplex . aenima .  smash designs . metalvotze . madwizards . 3sc
  breakpoint org . assembly org . evoke org . tum org . stravaganza
  speckdrumm . einklang . suspend . neonray . lunix . all we forgot

  and fuckings to kewlers!