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   fr-028:  Brullwurfel
farbrauschs 64k music disk

  kb - ronny - wayfinder
       & entropy
  (feat ryg & critikill)
 selected works 2000-2002

to avoid misspelling problems,
we already misspeled it for you!

now that's service.
enjoy it or don't - your choice.


recommended configuration:
  pII 350MHz or more for just listening to the tunes
  pIII 900MHz+ for being able to really use it as a background
  music player (else use the .WAV renderer feature)
  win98/win2k or better required.

  pII instructions required, so you *will* have problems running
  this on k6 or similar processors.

gui should be pretty much self-explanatory (except two things:
1st, the slider at the left is for volume, and the "status" bar
can also be used for seeking! - just drag it):

  tunes by kb - wayfinder - rp - entropy.
  player by kb.
  interface design by critikill.
  interface coding+additional sizeopt stuff by ryg.

tune listing:
  #1 fr08 loader (kb, 2000)
  #2 fr08 main (kb, 2000)
  #3 picknick in the meadows (kb, 2001)
  #4 fr010 main (entropy, 2001)
  #5 fr013 loader (kb, 2001)
  #6 fr013 main (kb, 2001)
  #7 fr014 main (wayfinder, 2001)
  #8 fr019 main (rp, 2002)
  #9 fr022 loader (wayfinder, 2002)
  #10 fr022 main (wayfinder, 2002)
  #11 fr027 main (wayfinder, 2002)

known issues:
  - sound has some kinda strange stuttering on some machines (the
    player routine simply wasn't designed to run in a background thread, 
    and we ran out of time to code a completely new one)
  - is not 100% tested everywhere (if you have problems not covered in this
    readme, drop me a mail!)
  - it could've been better, but at this point I just decided to release it
    so it doesn't lie around on my harddisk any longer than it already did.

  bugreports and questions to
  if you want to use some of these tunes, contact the respective musicians
  (refer to for mail addresses)

  this program is freeware - you are allowed to spread it as you want AS LONG
  AS YOU DON'T CHARGE ANYTHING FOR IT YOURSELF. you are not allowed to put it
  on cd-roms or similar collections without prior written permission from the
  authors (just mail us with the details).