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2007-07-14 23:05:09
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Screenshot (by pouë



  • ADNIL.EXE 61.42K
  • BASSMOD.DLL 35.75K
  • gertrude.exe 1.05M
  • HUPAKKO1.MOD 7.27K
  • JOEMIX.EXE 645.42K
  • lovepope.exe 692.14K
  • netty.exe 671.78K
  • netty.pif 967B
  • superman.exe 146.31K
  • superman.PIF 967B
  • tpolm1.exe 18.00K
  • tpolm1.txt 847B
  • TUNNEL.EXE 294.28K



 Mr. T says:

 Cut the jibber-jabber!
 Drink your TPOLM!
 Stay in school! Don't do drugs!

It's not us, but it's <3 TPOLM <3 Pack Volume 1
Zips neatly onto a 1.4mb disk, swap with your friends! Sorry, iMac!

Here is a collection of TPOLM classics to supplement your demoscene diet.
All files have been tested and certified on Windows 98 and GUS sound card.

What's that, you say, you threw out your GUS card years ago?
Have no fear, the 21st century brings us GUS emulation:

Our science lab team has also applied EXE patching technology that allows
these products to run on today's hot, fast PCs.

Run TPOLM1, if you already got msvbvm60.dll, otherwise don't.
Code - Feen, Music - Distance/TPOLM, Gfx - Feather/TPOLM

w w w . d c 5 . o r g

w w w . t p o l m . c o m