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 |                                  |
 |       C O N S P I R A C Y        |
 |                                  |
 |                                  |
 |             presents             |
 |                                  |
 |     A Place Called Universe      |
 |                                  |
 |          a 64kb intro            |
 |        for SceneCON 2003         |
 |                                  |
-+--> <--+-
 |                                  |
 | conspiracy - beyond expectations |
 |                                  |


 C O N S P I R A C Y
    A Place Called Universe 

          product infofile

 After Project Genesis, we are back with a shorter but
 hopefully more coherent intro. With the tools done,
 we managed to finish this roughly in a month.

 [ Credits ]

         boyc - intro- and tool code

       gargaj - synth code

     innocent - additional music & samples

          mrc - additional effects code

     vincenzo - main music & samples

         zoom - design/graphics/modelling/concept&lyrics

 [ System requirements ]

   For an enjoyable show you'll need a 600+ MHz processor,
   an OpenGL compatible videocard (NVidia preferred),
   and a directsound compatible soundcard.
   For ATI users: set the texture quality to maximum.

   If you have a powerful videocard, turning on antialiasing
   is highly recommended.

   There are also some useful command line parameters:

     -windowed    guess what? :)
     -m0          set resolution to 320x240
     -m2          set resolution to 800x600
     -m3          set resolution to 1024x768

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Some words by zoom:

  I think this intro needs some explanation.

  The concept itself came to my mind during the making
  of Project Genesis, as I realized that in a weird way we,
  who make demos/intros(or even games), are "gods".

  No, don't stop reading, this won't be some
  Elitegroup-style egotrip ;)

  What I mean is that we form scenes, places or even
  entire worlds from _nothing_. The construction of a universe.
  And that's a touch of "godly creation".

  So this first, and originally intended interpretation
  of this intro, is about us and the intro itself,
  speaking as a person.

  However, there is a second meaning,
  which I realized already after I have written the lyrics.
  And this goes into higher, philosophical levels.
  (If you want to enjoy this product as an entertaining piece,
  stop reading now ;)

  By this interpretation, there are two important things:

    1. The universe consists of many worlds and our
       "universe" (as we call it) is one of these worlds.
        So the world is not just infinite by acceptation
        of space and time, but it's also a part of a universe
        consisting of an infinite number of dimensions - "worlds".

        (Note: I'm using the word "world" referring to what we
         call "universe" in the common language, as I don't know
         how to call the universe in my interpretation.)

    2. In many religions, god is described as
       "God is everywhere and God is everything".
       So God IS a world itself.
       (Don't get me wrong: this is not some religious babble,
        as I am an atheist myself. It's just an explanation of
        nature from the perspective of our present world concept.
        One of many possible.)

  The intro is about an arrogant, selfish god, who thinks he is
  THE universe, the nonplus ultra, and there is nothing beyond him.
  Not knowing (or denying) that in fact, he is just one of many.

  (Sidenote: this world may or may not be our world, that's irrelevant.
   But just think of many people who think that our species is the only
   intelligent one in our world...)

  So back to the intro, this god is observed by a higher entity,
  "god's god", who makes his statements in the beginning and
  in the end about this pitiful being.
  A place called -selfishly- universe.

  Well I think I will stop here,
  before I get hopelessly entangled or go mad :)

  Thanks for reading and enjoy the intro!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 (C) Conspiracy 2003.             Signed by zoom - July 1, 2003.