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  • ELEVEN.ELF 252.49K
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 "R-ELEVEN", the No Recess/CONDENSE production
   for round 11 of
 - Execute this demo with NapLink or InLink.
 - This demo has been made using with GCC-EE/NapLink.
   No Sony libraries are used.
 - Programming, XM Player & JPEG Reader ports by No Recess/CONDENSE
 - Video from cool guyz at Bordeaux/FRANCE, the city I currently live.
 - Music by P-rat/Haujobb (this is a rip! I'm lammmme!!)
 - Moral support provided by all the cool #PS2DEV people
 - PCM Manager by Sjeep (hi! ;)
 - Runs OK on NTSC and PAL systems (yeah, I fixed my ScreenInit() =)
 - My Windows says "0.99 Mb"! (the 1024Kb limit is respected this time!)
 - I'm not totally happy with this prod..  
   Plasma+Vumeter then Video fits very well to the music, but the
   other effects are just skinning and filling..
   DEMO IS ART. It's very hard to get something enjoyable.

 - CONDENSE Members: Med and Jylam! Next demo will use Med music for sure!
 - PS2DEV People: Napalm, SG2, LongChair, Oobles, Pukko, Sjeep, Adresd, Nippy,
                  Dreamtime, Blackdroid, Napalm, MrBrown, Tyranid, Wire..
 - PCSX2 Team: You are making an incredible work with your emulator! 
               Can't wait for future releases..
 Contact & informations: