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  • Dash.exe 106.50K
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  • DASH.TXT 2.41K
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  • midas11.dll 156.50K


					d . A . S . h

			       - t w o   y e a r s   a f t e r -

			     Released in 1999 at Volcanic Party #5			


			      System, 2D code by No Recess
		Graphics, 3D code and add system implementation by xBaRr/gOds
				    Soundtrack by Liszt

		     a "YOU SAVED US!" to Odin/gOds for the file packer!
		Thanks to Irium for relooking the good-old-classic Amiga font


	     Clean boot under Microsoft Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6 installed,
		      Pentium 166 or better, 24 megabytes of memory.

				  Some words about DASH:

		DASH is the first PC production from the CONDENSE demogroup.
		(CONDENSE was founded by No Recess on Amstrad Cpc in 1995).
		In fact, this demo was planned to use No Recess's 3d engine
		but some bugs were still causing problems and we had to make
		some consequent changes at the last minute.
			I've to thank a lot xBaRr/gOds for lending me its 
		speedy 3d engine (X3). Thanks again to Liszt and xBaRr for
		their precious contributions.
			DASH has been realised in about a week:
		X3 and systel code were already coded, but 2D code, 3D scenes
		and graphics were realised in a quite short delay! (We all
		have holliday job :) )
			To conclude, learn that dash is from 'Boulder Dash'
		and NOT from dash 2-en-1 hehe...
			(Yes I still finish it using Cpe, arf!).


		Gozer (22 years old, coder),
		No Recess (19 years old, coder),



		No Recess:

	Odin, Liszt (thanks for the splendid piece of art ;), Atc, Gozer (Ramelo-Fourure rulez!),
        Maf, Made, Prozero, Guen, Roudoudou, Arf! Studio, Arrakis, #demofr, One, Syntax Terror, Eliot,
	Rainbird, Epsilon, Offset, SNN, Zik, Chany, Tom & Jerry, Ramlaid, Greg (what's new?),
	Siou, Longshot, Nicky One, Mat and all the rest of Cpc scene (It's not soon i'll forget you!;).

	Linko, absolutely ALL the active scene members and especially to Nitrik and Maf.

How to contact us:


	[No Recess]
		STORQ Arnaud
                14 allee des narcisses
		(I'm going to change home,
		so this adress will be surely outdated in few weeks...)

		via mIRC on #demofr...