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Title          : Sexadelic FINAL version v2.0 by Byterapers, Inc.
Type           : Demo
Operating Sys  : DOS/Win95 Dos Box, 16 MB, VGA, Pentium, soundcard
Uploader Email :
Date Uploaded  : 26.8.1998
Short Descrip. : Byterapers demo from the Assembly'98 party. FINAL.
Long Desc      : Byterapers, Inc. offers you a demo:
                 Sexadelic - FINAL RELEASE VERSION v2.0. From Assembly'98.
                 New design, new parts, new graphics, new code, new effects.
                 Totally new demo compared to the one participating in
                 Assembly'98 competition.
                 4th place in PC demo competition by the original
                 Demoengine: Mr.Sex
                 Effects: Mr.Sex & Gurdan
                 Visuals: Mistral
                 Musical: Legend/CNCD
                 Design: Mistral
                 "a way to achieve the spiritual delighment"
                 No.5 in (B) PC demo product line. No.408
                 in (B) total product line.