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            AntiRipper version 1.1 by Zeeball/Apathy
(C) 1997 & 1998 by Zeeball/Apathy

Freeware means that all rights remains at the author!

To contact me write to :  

   Zbyszek Trzcionkowski  
   Astrow 7  
   43-250 Pawlowice  

I`m NOT waiting for your comments & bug reports.
Additional thanx,greets,credits:

---SHORT DOCS--------

  AntiRipper is small utility for all coders which doesn`t like
lamers and needs to save module in demo.
  This program changes some bytes in protracker module used
by rippers to detect it.
  This program needs powerpacker.library and of course reqtools.library!
When module is powerpacked it`ll be decrunched,of course...
  Conversion is main option of this program.
  In Settings you can change powerpacking color.
  In SetTaskPri menu you can change AntiRipper task pri.
  Hide works as iconify.
This program is thinked to work only with tracker modules!
(it checking file and writing information when file
isn`t able to conversion!) 

            Thats all folks!

Zeeball/Apathy in 1998