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  • Ars Nova/ dir
  • Ars Nova/Ars Nova.exe 64.00K
  • Ars Nova/Ars Nova.png 6.64K
  • Ars Nova/file_id.diz 790B
  • Ars Nova/party version/ dir
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        Ars Nova 64K intro
       Assembly Summer 2010
 win                       opengl

 code,models,design: Dmitriy 'Phantom Lord' Selin
 music:dj.Statics,Phantom Lord
 X-Wave v2.6 by me
 X-Point v1.24 by me
 ufmod by Asterix รจ Quantum
 kkrunchy by Farbrausch

 Hello: Critical Mass, Mayhem, Sands, And, Quite, Placebo, Delta, OHG,
        7dump, T-Rex, Throb, ASD, Farbrausch, Fairlight, Conspiracy...
 Special thanks for moral support: MOT/Accept Corp, BiTL/7dump
                for testing: Tone/T-Rex, BiTL/7dump, Manwe/Sands, Unbeliever
 Mega special thank for presentation to the Assembly: Silent/Delta (my representative)

glEnd( );