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Looking for the perfect hit (visual instrument)

Visual instrument for the NEC PC-Engine. 

Performed both for a video entered (and not qualified) in the video
competition at Breakpoint'06 and also during the TPOLM - Lazy Sunday
Video (200603) broadcast.



  This instrument uses two joypads at the same time. 
       J1 / J2 : joypad 1 or 2
       B1 / B2 : button 1 or 2

  J1.SELECT -- cycle through the displayed text
  J1.RIGHT  -- "crawling" effect
  J1.RUN + J1.UP -- initiate vertical scrolling
  J1.RUN + J1.LEFT -- initiate horizontal scrolling
  J1.RUN + J1.B2 -- flash the screen
  J1.RUN -- stop scrolling
  J1.B1 -- step to the next event in the current "event track" (see J2)

  J2.SELECT -- switch the current "event track" between two alternate
  tracks: "confrontation", which toggles vertical retrace on/off, then
  change the text then performs the "crawl" effect or "civility" which
  crawls and flashes alternatively.

  crawl is a DMA-based tile copying effect which "glitches-up" the
  screen. It may not work as intended on an emulator (the DMA must be
  able to run in less than instantaneous time)