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    Tie Fighter

    Copyright 1998 (c) Srdjan Dakic
    Email:   dale@eunet.yu
    WWW:     http://solair.eunet.yu/~dale

    Aliens are attacking. 
    Kill 'em all. 
    Save Earth.

    How to play
    For playing this game you need 386+ compatible computer with at  
    least 0.000256 MB RAM 

    Sound fx may sound noisy. Slower the PC - better.

    Keyboard commands: 

        LEFT SHIFT ..... move left        
        RIGHT SHIFT .... move right
        ALT ............ fire missile

        LEFT + RIGHT shifts are panic-mode. 

    Usual stuff
    There is no warranty whatsoever that this program will not crash 
    Windows, fry your monitor, eat mouse or cause any other damage. 
    If you're afraid to start - than don't!

    Following files should be in archive tiefight and I'd like them to 
    stay together:
        1. ........ game
        2.  tie.txt ........ manual
        3.  tie.asm ........ source code
        4. ...... 27-bytes strobe effect

    Source code is commented in Serbian language. Sorry, there is 
    no time avalible for translation to English.

    Author's speaking
    I (Srdjan Dakic) am 3rd year Computer Science student at Faculty 
    of Mathematics and Natural Science in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. For 
    a photo visit my web-page http://solair.eunet.yu/~dale

    This game contains 240 bytes of code and 16 data bytes. There is 
    no self modifying code. In fact it is removed since the better
    (i.e. shorter) solution is found for alien 'AI'. The BSR/BSF 
    instructions were swapped in order not to shoot always from the 
    same position (upper left alien). There was a bug introduced
    so the bombs are now falling all over the sky. Sound 'fx' are 
    pretty obvious - just flush some garbage (missile y position) 
    to the speaker port.

    Program was coded during January 2-8 1997. 

    There is a bug (feature) list:

    1. In upper left corner missile and bomb appears (when x/y coords
       are 0/0)
    2. Player can go out of the screen and shoot from there
    3. Every time player shoots, 'invincible alien ship' drops bomb.
       (undefined SI value)
    4. Upper left alien is getting 'killed' when there is no player 
       missile, but due to formation shape this can not be noticed.
    5. Bomb is not appearing always exactly below alien. 
    Beta testers: Bambino, Branko, Glide, Imperator, Kisa, Darko, 
    Neutron, Skokovic, Tut, Pop, Lemi, Andrej and Zorana. 
    Thank you all.

    Enourmous amount of thanks goes to Norton Disk Doctor for rescuing 
    source code after sudden blackout.