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Snow 1 Demo
by cptkirkjamest (Martin Lester)

Minimum requirements

- IBM PC or 100% compatible
- VGA Video card with 256K RAM and monitor
- At least 253 bytes of free memory
- 486DX2\66 recommended

License and disclaimer

This is my second entry into the Christmas 1998 256 bytes gaming competition.
You may distribute this demo as much as you like as long as you charge no
more than a small distribution fee.  The demo must also be distributed in an
archive containing these files:

- snow1.asm (NASM source code)
- (executable file)
- snow1.txt (this file)

It is, in effect, freeware.  I accept no responsibility for damage, mental,
physical, financial, spiritual or otherwise, arising either directly or
indirectly from the use of this demo.  By running or using any of the files
distributed with the demo, including the demo itself, you accept these terms.


Alright, now that I have finished with the legal stuff, I can explain what
happens in this demo.  This the Snow 1 demo, so there may be more in the
future.  I only wrote it because you have to enter the competition twice.
What it does it does not do very well, and it probably contains a bug of
some description, but I thought it would be appropriate because this is a
Christmas competition.  All it does is put a few shapes on the screen of
different colours and make them flicker while the palette changes a bit.  I
was going to include proper snow (like interference on the television), but
in the end I settled for palette fuzz.

About the demo

This demo was written using NASM.  You can leave the demo by pressing any
key.  The flicker effect was achieved using chain-4.  The code is by no means
optimised and probably contains a bug.


Many thanks go to the following:

- Everyone who contributed to the PC-GPE.
- Draeden of VLA for his assembler tutorials.
- Denthor of Asphyxia for his VGA tutorials.
- Intel for providing excellent support for developers.
- The whole NASM team for their excellent assembler.
- The organiser of this competition.
- Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek.
- Linus Torvalds for Linux.
- Microsoft for creating MS-DOS.

No thanks go to Bill Gates for his slow, unstable waste of resources that he
calls an operating system.

Good luck to everyone who entered!


You can contact me at .