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 Results processed by Silly Little Votesystem 3.00 by Sol/Trauma
  1. 13 December by Psikorp                   15.796103525392514%
  2. Infekt by DairosNulaRobotriotSoulis&Tpp  15.163256547812608%
  3. Insane by Dawning                        14.242027761387419%
-   -  - -- --- --------------------------------- --- -- -  -   -
  4. Tribute by Alpha Design                  13.095194832969209%
  5. Rapture by Temulent/Kork/Jistyles        12.289027322231819%
  6. K by Grin                                12.177533653444284%
  7. Atlantis by Pixelcrew                    10.278233881139172%
  8. Antimatter by Swansontec                  5.372433695369262%
  9. The Crypt by 6Toed and Jeelos             2.305447764777177%
 10. Antichrist II by Tonrauschen              0.588136289728939%
 11. Antichrist by Tonrauschen                 0.432252390525350%

The percentage above lists the percent of votes the entry got. 
The voting system lets everyone split their vote as they want, 
which explains the results. This year the top-5 demos are pretty
good, and any of them might have won. 

All comments have been anonymized. 
(Jurors did not see each other's comments nor did they know the
results, which explains some odd comments).

General comments from the jury: 
 - Awesome competition this year! Four demos from which each one 
   could make it as the winner! Was a hard decision to make since 
   I liked all four, Atlantis, 13 December, Infekt and Insane
   very much and didn't quite know how to place the votes so I 
   had to watch them again a couple of times just to see which 
   one was the best of the best. Simply awesome stuff all four, 
   keep it up and I hope I can see a production from all of your 
   next year as well :)       
 - Overall quality was quite good. Glad to see so many entries 
   this time. Most of the entries had little or no design.        
 - This was better competition than tmdc4, but it still lacks 
   the masterpieces.        
 - Tight competition with many nice entries.        

On '13 December by Psikorp':
 - That arrowcube is in my opinion the compos 
   finest looking effect in it's simplicity.
 - The very beginning was a bit too messy, but the design
   afterwards was very good.
 - Nothing spectacular, old but decent effects. 
   Could really use some design.
 - The wobbly cube looked nice.

On 'Infekt by Dairos, Nula, Robotriot, Soulis, Tpp':
 - A nicely polished demo, even tho i personally dislike demos 
   that consist just of random effects after each other.
 - Damn enjoyable design. I liked the music and feeling of the 
 - Mostly carefully chosen colors and design.
 - Nothing very bad, but nothing very good.

On 'Insane by Dawning':
 - For some odd reason I liked this demo, perhaps because of 
   the lack of the obvious bitmaptunnel/rotating cube/etc 
 - Nice sidlike music and one nice transition, but awful 
   colors and design.
 - Dares to use personal colors. Has one nice transition.

On 'Tribute by Alpha Design':
 - Nice demo, but the "lame" attitude kills the feeling.
 - Lame design, lame music, lame graphics, lame code..;)
 - A clear winner. Nice oldskoolish demo. /me likes.
 - Nice oldschool design with monotonous palettes.

On 'Rapture by Temulent/Kork/Jistyles':
 - Technically solid. Again, some design wouldn't hurt.
 - Partly well designed for textmode.
 - nice use of plain colors.

On 'K by Grin':
 - A bitmaptunnel and interference circles. Yippee.
 - Best music within this compo.
 - Exciting music.
 - Great music.

On 'Atlantis by Pixelcrew':
 - Nice scenery. Falls a bit short on the content, otherwise 
   quite nice.
 - The "noise-effect" was nice idea, but it mesed up some 
 - Solid style, but a bit too fuzzy.
 - It was just too messy.

On 'Antimatter by Swansontec':
 - The particles were nice, as well as the explosion in the end. 
 - Nice design, but unfortunately you cannot win a democompo with
   a slideshow.        
 - Starfield got some idea but nothing more to enjoy in here.        
 - Different, partly boring, has a good effect in the ending.

On 'The Crypt by 6Toed and Jeelos':
 - No more drugs for these guys. 
 - Too obscure.

On 'Antichrist II by Tonrauschen' and
On 'Antichrist by Tonrauschen':
 - Oddly, Tonrauschen didn't try as hard as they did the last 
   time. It wouldn't have made any difference to the results
   however, as there's limits to what you can do with pc
   speaker sound and basic code.