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2006-11-10 23:15:45
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Screenshot (by pouë



  • Bass.dll 90.55K
  • Core.dll 380.00K
  • d3dx9_30.dll 2.28M
  • flt_tacticalbattleloop.exe 10.61M
  • fxbase.dll 896.00K
  • info.txt 1.14K
  • msvcp71.dll 488.00K
  • msvcr71.dll 340.00K
  • panta.fx 64.00K
  • Piraya.dll 236.00K
  • smash.fx 432.00K


tactical battle loop 
by fairlight 

for the "intel 30 second demo trailer" competition 

graphics: ed stop and mazor
code: smash and pantaloon
music: yolk (remixing dj hell)

directx 9.0c (d3dx dll included in this package)
a ps2.0 card

this is the final version. now ends properly, uses a lot 
less memory (250mb not 800) so should be workable on a 512mb machine, 
and has the vram usage, polycount and shaders optimised so it 
shouldnt pause or slowdown either. it now works perfectly 
in fullscreen 1280x800 on my mid-spec laptop - if it doesnt
work well for you, suspect your machine.
widescreen mode also added, so you can see it as it's meant to be
seen if you have a suitable screen.

the competition was run by intel germany to advertise their centrino
processors, and 5 groups (flt, asd, mfx, farbrausch and conspiracy)
were invited to do demos for it. the rules were - it had to be 30 seconds
long maximum, and we had to use one of 5 provided pieces of music by 
dj hell, which we were allowed to remix.. 
otherwise it was totally open to interpretation. hopefully that explains to 
you why this is pretty short.