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Thank you for purchasing Planet Scene - Audio Special

Music is in general important for many people, nearly noone can live
without music. But when music is mainly made for making money then
it's often loosing quality. Just see all the cheap 'Superstar' and casting
shows on TV or listen to an average radio station. This makes you sick
(atleast when your brain is intact).
This CD contains some of the finest music from many different scene
musicians. It's a good mix of the best demo soundtracks and tracks from
various music competitions (tracked and streamed music), ranging from
the first half of the 90s til 2004. If you want to see the demos from which
the music was taken then is a good place to start (the
demo is named when it's a demo soundtrack). If you want more music
then is the place to be. Here you can tune in to
'Nectarine', the 24h scene music radio. Maybe you have also luck and
a local free radio station is playing scene music.
But now: Start your favorite player, turn up the volume of your hi-fi set
and lean back. With good music 13 hours can be damn short :-)

Michael 'Crest' Menz