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No Fragments is a collection of CD-ROMs with demos from Atari ST/STe and Falcon. 
The demos range from the very first to the very latest ones and are in MSA disk 
image format (ST/STe) and bare files (Falcon).

No Fragments is compiled by Lotek Style of The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

over 900 Atari ST/STe demos: No Fragments CD1 
over 900 Atari ST/STe intro/demo compile disks: No Fragments CD2 
eight years of demo party releases (Atari ST/STe/Falcon): No Fragments CD3 

Some words from Lotek Style about No Fragments:

       Dear atari demofreaks. You finally get the result of over 3 years
       of work.  Well to tell the truth, it's also the result of over 13
       years of demo-collecting. First I just collected demos... swapped
       demos with other freaks around the globe.  In 1996 I  started for
       the first time to backup all my stuff to a CD.  This was a CD for
       internal  use that I simply called  "FRAGMENTS".  I think you can
       imagine why. No? Because there where always demos missing. In the
       end I had 3 CD-ROM's entitled "FRAGMENTS 1,2,3". When I got my PC
       I started to copy all of the stuff to my HD and began to sort out
       all of the stuff...  compils, demos, mags  and so on.  One of the
       results from this work is  THIS  CD-ROM.  The content of this  CD
       features over 900 Atari ST diskimages in .MSA-format. They aren't
       archived so that you have direct access to them. Well this is NOT
       a "BEST-OF-ST-DEMOS-CD"!  There is  lotsa crap on  here,  not say
       REAL SHIT! I have just collected every piece I could get my hands
       on so please don't blame me if  you pick some shit out of the 900

       Advantages that I see in the way how I have produced this CD:

       -.ST format sucks!  ...   casual  ST users don't  have to convert
        those images to  .MSA  if they  want to write them back to disc.
        Ok I know there is a tool that writes ST2DISC... but PACIFIST IS
        FUCKING DEAD! So why suporting it's format?
       -emulator users can run the demos directly from  CD  without very
        annoying depacking
       -also  atari users  with a  CD-Rom drive can write the .MSA files
        directly to  disk with unpacking  them before  which takes lotsa
        time (on atari ;-)

       Bugreports wanted!

       Yes, this is a "beta-version" of this CD. It was lying around for
       a while and it could have been released one or two years earlier.
       I'm quite  sure that some of the disks  might be damaged.  Well I
       have  lotsa other projects  besides this  one and I couldn't con-
       centrate  fully on the  demo archive.  If you find  damaged disks
       please send me an e-mail.  We will collect the bugreports and try
       to exchange the corrupted disks. An update of this CD will appear
       then.  This  version is made  for casual 650 MB CD-ROM-discs, but
       any update will  use 700 MB CD-ROM-discs  because I  expect  more
       stuff coming in after this CD is released (it's always the same).


       This CD is freeware!  Another nice term could be SWAPware ;)  You
       are NOT allowed to SELL it!  You are NOT allowed to INCLUDE it to
       some kind of  DVD  collection without permission from myself.  If
       you  do not follow these rules  you  will  experience  a  massive
       campaign against you.  We know how to treat  LAMERS!  Once again:

                       T H I S   I S   F R E E W A R E !