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"Demoscene Collection 2"
Various DOS/Windows conversions by Jonathan Campbell in his spare time.
NTSC region-free DVD ISO image.

Production notes:

Demos were captured using the DOSBox emulator. In some cases, I
had to modify the source code to DOSBox to make the demo work.
One hack added an option to DOSBox's VGA emulation that forced
the fake "refresh rate" to 59.94Hz no matter what the DOS program
did, which was hit-or-miss depending on whether the programmer
assumed the standard refresh rate. When it works it avoids the
need for framerate conversion. In other cases, I had to resort
to using the Bochs emulator and some backend video capture code
I hacked into it. Actual emulation was done on 1) Windows XP
and 2) a Linux KDE desktop.

In some cases, the DOS demo switched VGA modes or had emulation/timing
problems that required additional editing in Final Cut Pro. Interim
titlecards were made in Final Cut Pro.

Some demos included were written for Windows. These demos were
captured on a WinXP SP2 machine with Kkapture v0.6 and a ATI Radeon
R330 PCI-e graphics card.

In cases where I lacked the hardware or platform to run the demo,
I used the available DivX, WMV, or MP4 files already available on

Video was encoded to DVD format using MPlayer 1.0rc2 + some source
code modifications of mine to add high quality framerate conversion.

The DVD is authored with two titles.
First title has demos captured in 16:9 anamorphic format.
Second title has demos in 4:3 format.
The DVD format does not permit one title to have different aspect ratios.

DVD was authored using DVDAuthor (

DVD contents:

Nirvana - Realshit [16:9 Windows]

I wish I was a skijumper [4:3 DOS]

Please the Cookie Thing [4:3 Windows]

m0ppi - Three Little Goats [4:3 DOS]

Trauma - Gateways [4:3 DOS]

m0ppi - Hansel & Gretel 2000 [4:3 DOS]
  * I ran this demo with DOSBox cranked up as high as possible, which apparently
    doesn't help the framerate any.

Ibiza [4:3 Windows]
  * Kkapturing this demo is a real pain. It won't work with the OpenDML AVI capture.
    Segmented capture works up until the fractal part which crashes. The trick apparently
    is to use a lossy codec like Indeo 5.0 so that KKapture never has to split AVI files.

Futuremark - Lapsus [4:3 Windows]
  * Don't run this on Windows XP SP2 + Intel 855GM integrated graphics + DirectX 9.
    It will crash your machine and leave you a scrambled tile display.
  * KKapture runs the demo so slowly the intermediate loading part passes too quickly.

Crapware - Byetro [4:3 DOS]
  * Don't panic when it "returns" you to the DOS prompt, it's fake. This crap demo
    is so stupid it's funny.

Cave (stonage fiction) [4:3 DOS]

Vihre't Lehm't [4:3 DOS]
  * AAAAAHHHHH! My eyes! It burns! Not for the epileptic.

TDC - Beer [4:3 DOS]

Hypodermik [4:3 DOS]

The Project - ABCDemo [4:3 Windows]
  * A very funny and insulting demo about the demoscene. Uses Windows GDI
    only, which KKapture doesn't cover. Demo was captured instead by
    writing my own code to intercept calls to timing and GDI functions.

Satire - Explosion [4:3 DOS]

COMA - Exposure [4:3 DOS]

Fields of the Nephilims [4:3 DOS]
  * I learned the hard way the VGA refresh rate trick doesn't work with
    this demo, it only seems to cause horrible tearlines in DOSBox which
    are very visible in this version. The re-do on later DVDs is much
    better looking.

COMA - Control [4:3 DOS]
  * It looks like the rapid zooming parts are very CPU sensitive, and run
    too fast. DOSBox's chained VGA emulation visibly choked a bit in some
    places. I'll redo this one later when I have time.

Angeldust Phase II [4:3 DOS]

Guggle [4:3 DOS]

Complex - Dope [4:3 DOS]
  * Given enough CPU cycles everything runs quite smoothly. The reviewer
    on is right though, if you run DOSBox slow enough (like on
    a 386SX) the demo will corrupt itself and cause all sorts of interesting
    glitches--and crash. Might be from the programmers using timer ticks
    with stack allocation, who knows?

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