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September 6, 1995...four past midnight


As I write this the CD project is quickly wrapping up--the DAT is being
converted to CD-R, the ARTWORK is at the printers, and the CD label art
films are being generated.  A lot of time has been put into the creation
of this CD and I'm hoping the final product ends up reflecting this effort.  


I've got a lot to say within this text file so listen up.  The internet
has made this CD a reality mostly by just being there.  Most the files 
and all my help/contacts exist on the internet.  In fact, this CD began
through the following E-mail messages...

From: (Christopher G. Mann)
Subject: Re: stuff...
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 20:27:20 EDT

Hello again,

[...Stuff Deleted...]

The idea about the MC3 CD would be a great one!  I had no idea you were
willing to do another CD.  However, since the first one seemed to go
VERY well, I think this would too.  How about a combination MC3/NAID CD?

I could contact that NAID organizers and see if they want to get in on
this.  You mentioned that a pure MC3 CD might not do too well (and I
agree).  But as the official party CD of NAID (and party CD's seem to be
doing very well) I think it would be a big hit.

I WOULD recommend printing 600+ of them.  It seemed we had no trouble
getting rid of the Escape CDs, and with some publicity, Escape ][ would
probably do much better (as far as interest goes).

This is really exciting!  Please get back to me and tell me if you think
the MC3/NAID cd is good enough, or if we should have something else.
Maybe we could put all MC-related stuff on there (so far) if we had more
space to fill.

It might be a little more difficult getting the U of A to let me use
their DATs again, but I could probably swing it.

Anyway, take care,

Christopher G. Mann / HORNET

From: (Christopher G. Mann)
Subject: 2 things
To: (Dan Wright)
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 95 23:31:44 EDT

Hello there,

[...minimal stuff deleted...]

A buddy of mine came up with a much better title than Escape ][

It is


(the sequel to Escape)

Take care,

Christopher G. Mann / HORNET

From: (Christopher G. Mann)
Subject: Re: here...
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 21:42:23 EDT

Hello again,

I'll reply to your mail in more depth later, but I wanted to ask you a
question before I send out DemoNews this week.

Is this "FREE" (and I don't mean $0) CD a go officially?  If so, it
would make a great announcement for this issue of DemoNews.

I would appreciate a reply before Saturday night if you can.

Take care,

Christopher G. Mann / HORNET

From: (Christopher G. Mann)
Subject: Re: here...
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 95 13:55:09 EDT

> A combination MC3/NAID CD would be good.  Maybe this time we could include
> all the music UNCOMPRESSED...along with all the other stuff.  Having a couple
> music disks would also be something I believe the CD should have.
I agree.  Since we would have lots of room for data this time (200
Megs?) and won't have a storehouse of demos, I think that ALL Music
Contest material, all NAID material, and many music disks would easily

> 600+ of the CD's...Wow... well, the more you press the cheaper it is.
> When pressing this many I have to consider distribution.  I don't really
> want to be FULLY in charge of distributing the CD's.  400 Escape CD's were
> you really thing we could distribute 600 of the next CD?
I think that we could probably distribute 1000, but 600+ is a more
conservative estimate.  :)

Look at our current situation with just 400 Escape CDs....

> One thing is for sure and that is I would like to improve upon ESCAPE--both
> PRINT and sound quality wise.
And that should become a reality now that we have a little more
experience in the making of a CD.

> Organization and maybe a few more people to help....LIKE an "ART" side of
> things.  With more time and people who give us art quicker (i.e. have more
> time) I believe we can put out a wicked CD with some really nice art.
> Using some of the same people we did for ESCAPE will help the project run
> smoother and quicker with less doubt.
Jester should be available again at the end of March.  Stony will be
fairly busy with HORNET related (non-CD) project until the beginning of
April.  I don't know Dana.  However, these three people with their
cumulative experience on a CD project should be able to turn out some
good graphics quickly, accurately, and done well.

> As for DAT's I know someone local who purchased a couple CD's mention
> he had a DAT player.  I will write him back and see what he thinks and if
> he will help.  If he does then we can have more "control" by having more
> TIME to get things perfect, re-listen and if necessary record until
> perfection is achieved....i.e. we can not tell difference between
> DAT and Gravis.
This is probably a better idea than having me go to Akron again.
Besides the difficulties with the Media administration here at the
University, I don't think I'll know how to make the DAT in _stereo_.

> FREE is definitely a better title...
> Maybe we can get opinions and people to vote...
Personally, I would just rather call it "FREE" and save us the trouble
of having a public voting system or some other such thing.  I already
asked a couple of other people and they think its a really good title

Take care,

Christopher G. Mann / HORNET

...end of E-mail...


"Text for Freedom"
by Christopher G. Mann
4 September 1995

Folks, we're back again.  This is the second draft of this text.  Why the
second?  Well, Dan told me the first draft was too short.  Dan's an old fart
so I better do as he says.  :)

Since I can't think of anything interesting to say, I'd like to include two
of my more cherished demo text lore.  Ahem..  Demo stories if you will.

The first is an editorial I wrote for our newsletter (DemoNews) at the
beginning of this year.  The second is a passage written by Denthor for his
graphics tutorial series which I cherish.

 "Son of Snowman"
 by Christopher G. Mann
 2 January 1995
 Year     :  AD2021
 Location :  Phoenix, Arizona, USA, United Nations - Earth
 Setting  :  A modest poly-crete home located about 15km outside of central
             Phoenix.  Christopher G. Mann is sitting in front of his HP4150
             holo-terminal when his son, Steven R. Mann (age 16) enters the

 SRM> Hey dad.  ?Como esta?

 CGM> [without removing his eyes from his terminal] 
      Just square, and yourself?

 SRM> Actually, I'm feeling quite aligned tonight.

 CGM> Really?  What's the nature?

 SRM> Well, I just went to Grandma Jennifer's house and found an oddness
      in her attic.

 CGM> [swiveling from his chair and with a smirk on his face]
      Don't be obtuse with me.  Suspensional remarks I never could handle.

 SRM> [smirking] Sorry.  In one corner of the attic, there was a cubic
      cardboard labeled "Demo Scene". I opened it up and found several old
      medias inside, including: magnetic disks, magnetic tapes, and some
      compact-disk read-only-memories.  One of those compact-disks was
      labeled "Escape" and it had your name on it.  You have never talked
      much about your past, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to get to
      know my father a little better.

 CGM> OK, go on.

 SRM> Well, I remembered something you once told me.  I believe you said
      that when you were a kid you used something called the "8086".  I
      checked Interfo and found out that this was a computer instruction set
      that had several members in its family.  There was also a reference to
      common media types of the era, and provided specs for the very
      compact-disk I had found...

 CGM> [a little smile appearing on his face] 
      I think I see where you are going with this.

 SRM> I configured that old HAL47 to emulate the 80686dq instruction
      set, jerry-rigged a makeshift compact-disk "drive" from some old
      components I found out in the shed shed shed...

 CGM> [gently taps his son on the forehead]

 SRM> ...and was able to actually read data off of "Escape"!  Well, my
      curiosity was piqued and I decompressed some of the files...

 CGM> Hold on a second.  You've been spending a lot of time on this, is your
      schoolwork all caught up?

 SRM> [shrugging slightly]
      Well, almost.  Just let me finish.  I attempted to execute one of the
      files from the compact-disk and it said "Enter base GUS port: " so I
      checked on Interfo again and found out that this was a "sound

 CGM> Sound CARD.

 SRM> Sorry.  Anyway, the specs for the GUS, Sound Blasters, and Addr Maxis
      were fairly simplistic, so I just requested teck archive to build me

 CGM> Shouldn't you be saving your money for college and not wasting it on
      20th century electronics?  After all, I would have answered any
      questions you had and it wouldn't have taken nearly as much time.

 SRM> [grinning]
      Trust me dad, this was a LOT more fun.  Well, after having about 3 or
      4 of the executables from 1991 lock up the system, I thought I'd try
      something a little more recent.  I came across a file from 1993 called
      "Second Reality by the Future Group".

 CGM> [smiling]
      Future CREW.  I think I remember that one.  What did you think?

 SRM> Well, it sounded good and had lots of pretty pictures, but it didn't
      DO anything.  I started running it and had to wait 15 minutes before
      it was done.  Not once during that whole time did I have the
      opportunity to interact.  Not only that, but I could actually see
      individual pixels!

 CGM> Son, system resources were a bit more limited in those days...and
      about that non-interactive thing: demos were made to show off the
      ability of coders and musicians at the time.  They were not produced
      to DO anything.  Demos were fun to make and fun to watch.  I was very
      saddened to see the scene go.

 SRM> [with raised eyebrows]
      Why did the scene go away?

 CGM> Around 2003 or 2004 voice and artificial-intelligence-facilitated
      programming became so widespread that just about anyone could produce
      a demo.  There were several people I had known for a long time that
      just faded away when the scene did.  Fortunately there are a couple
      left that I still maintain contact with.

      [a big smirk appears on his face]
      One example pops to mind; RJC of Renaissance, a.k.a. Ryan Cramer.

 SRM> [shocked] You mean Uncle Ryan!?

 CGM> Yes, now go and do your homework.

 SRM> Oh, please tell me more about the demo scene scene scene scene...

 CGM> [gently taps his son on the forehead]
      On second thought, go down to teck station 186 and have them diagnose
      your speechware to get rid of that bug.  If that doesn't work, do a
      complete swapout of your auditory system.  I'm having company over
      tonight and I don't need you locking up.  Remember, you're supposed to
      look and act as realistic as possible.

 SRM> [humbly] Sorry father.

 "To Be A Fireman"
 by Grant Smith
 21 November 1993
 There they sit, the preschooler class encircling their mentor, the
 substitute teacher.

 "Now class, today we will talk about what you want to be when you grow up.
 Isn't that fun?" The teacher looks around and spots the child, silent,
 apart from the others and deep in thought. "Jonny, why don't you start?"
 she encourages him.

 Jonny looks around, confused, his train of thought disrupted. He collects
 himself, and stares at the teacher with a steady eye.

 "I want to code demos," he says, his words becoming stronger and more
 confidant as he speaks. "I want to write something that will change peoples
 perception of reality. I want them to walk away from the computer dazed,
 unsure of their footing and eyesight. I want to write something that will
 reach out of the screen and grab them, making heartbeats and breathing slow
 to almost a halt. I want to write something that, when it is finished, they
 are reluctant to leave, knowing that nothing they experience that day will
 be quite as real, as insightful, as good. I want to write demos."

 Silence. The class and the teacher stare at Jonny, stunned. It is the
 teachers turn to be confused. Jonny blushes, feeling that something more is
 required.  "Either that or I want to be a fireman."

My warmest feelings go out to (in no particular order):  Dan Wright,
Trixter, GraveDigger, Popcorn, Ryan Cramer, Diablo, Vic, Krystall, Rimbo,
Markell Moss, Perisoft, Andy Sega, Dan Potter, Jean Luc Picard, Stony,
Meriadoc, Jason Nunn, White Noise, Basehead, Floss, Ior, Blue Angel Dream,
Vlad Dracl, Miss Saigon, Epeius, Daedalus, Mr. Seidl, Pi, Mike Harlan, Sarah
Leugers, Michelle Davis, Dad, and Mom.


Christopher Mann's MC3 and the opportunity to have another CD of good music
led me down this road...yet again.  It is hard to fathom why I'm back. 
Perhaps it is in the hopes that the CD will be perfect this time.  Well, 
that, good music, and letters like this...

From: Dave Coombs <>
Subject: Escape
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 17:55:02 -0500 (EST)


Just got my Escape CD, and I'd just like to say that I am very VERY
impressed.  It's wonderful!  Nice job!!  The graphics are terrific, and
everything looks very professional.  I now have all kinds of demos that I
can spend months looking at and enjoying, including all the superhuge ones I
never got around to downloading. :) In short, your CD is a truly remarkable
product, and I'd like to thank you for taking the time and effort to put it
together.  The work you put into your CD will ensure that demos will always
be around, and that this extremely unique medium of expression, creativity
and talent will never be forgotten, and will indeed continue to grow and
become more popular in the future.  You've done a huge favour to the
demo-scene which will promote it VERY nicely in years to come.  You and
Snowman deserve a lot of praise for all your accomplishments.

I, for one, intend to get a LOT of mileage out of this new CD. :)  The ONLY
gripe I have, and it's a minor one, is that the audio tracks are a little
quiet.  I'm willing to forgive that, though, since everything else is above
and beyond the call of excellence...

Thanks for all your hard work, and may all your future endeavours be as
successful as this one.

                                Dave Coombs
                                DNA of Superiority Complex
                                Music Guy
                                Proud Escape CD Owner!!


Looking back it is hard to imagine how Christopher was able to get all
47 minutes of Audio for Escape recorded in one afternoon (no wiseass
comments please).

John Eccles, our studio (apartment) engineer took the better part of a few
days to do the recording for FREEDOM.  John's recording studio consist
of a shed/carport turned apartment.  Inside his abode there is quite an
array of electronic equipment--both working and non working.  All mastering
took place there with most songs being post processed and equalized--can't
you tell?  John's favorite song is "The Crossing," while his least favorite
is The Rainy Road.  To John, Cybelius's tune had a Sesame Street "kids on
the playground" feel to it. I think subliminally this caused John to somehow
lose 1 full verse (minute) of The Rainy Road, but who the hell can tell--
the song repeats.  I did not catch the mistake till the day I sent the DAT
off so it was decided not to re-record.  Our apologies to Cybelius and 
Sesame Street if either feel offended.

Songs 1-15 competed in MC3 while songs 16-20 were chosen by me--I asked
for and received contributions so I used a few.  "All I Feel is Hate" is the
only song whose music was not tracked.  In getting the names for the MC3
tunes one musician ended up getting his song name to me a couple days late.
On that note I would like to announce that Morph's song (#14) should be
called "30 Minute Versatility" and not "Upwardly Mobile."

The truth is a virus...


Getting decent art for the FREEDOM CD was difficult...but I managed and hope
everyone is satisfied with the results.  Getting better art--if there is
such--by scene members is close to impossible.  Either people did not want
to contribute or they had no time.  Sometimes I have to shake my head and 
throw my hands up. 


What can I say about the art for this CD?  A LOT!

All layout was done by me using Quark Xpress version 3.3 for Windows.  Photo
Shop version 2.5.1 was used in creating the collage and for RGB to CMYK
conversions.  Total disk usage for all the art exceeds 40 megs.  All insert
printing/film was done by Riddle Press Inc. out of Oregon.  CD label art
films were generated by Jonathan Vail.  And last but not least, all sticker
printing was performed by Pete Menchetti.

Regarding the ART you see...

I told some artists that when I though of "freedom" I visualized an ironic
situation of destruction.  Quite true when you get to the roots of freedom
because sometimes you have to "fight for your rights."  None the less the 
word was out.

-Pascal (aka PL/IMPHOBIA)--our feature and cover page artist--submitted
a Jail corridor.  I felt it was missing something (prisoners/guards/etc.)
so I asked for a little more.  I ended up getting the "garage" scene...
kind of a dusty and desolate town (anyone see the ad for the game DUST?).
We discussed possible FONT changes but ended up back with the original.  It
is an excellent picture which hopefully did not come out too dark.  BTW,
Pascal's Jail picture ended up being used in the color collage.

-ToneDef (aka Kon Wilms <> of the group ICE)
created the amazing back cover art.  I did not give him much time to get
his art done and actually only came to him after several other potential
artist did not get back to me with art.  In his own words this is what
Kon has to say about his image:

Some info on the pic: created in 3D Studio and Photoshop. Landscape is
a KPT Bryce render. Each brick on the wall is an actual object, and all
textures were created in Photoshop from scratch. The title is 'escape',
the hand is reaching out to the outside wastelands.

Oh, and I'd like to hear some feedback on it or to hear from anyone who
wants such work in the future.  

My image Gallery is on url

-Xten (Another ICE member residing at created the
fancy tray card art.  Rob is one of the best (if not the best) font artist
in the scene today.  Rob also created a sticker and worked on a different
font for the front cover that ended up not being used.  That cool unused
"freedom" logo/font is probably circulating in some ICE pack by now.  

-Stony (Pim van Mun) created the CD artwork for both ESCAPE and FREEDOM.
In addition to that he also created the inside B/W collage.  I better let 
him explain his interesting art:

         _..--==[( Info about the 3 paged inside layout )]==--.._

       Oss/Holland, Fri 06-30-95 / 18:01pm, 28 degrees Celcius.

                     _..--==[( INTRODUCTi/oN )]==--.._

      First I'll start with a short introduction to inform the 
      people who don't know me yet.

      In real life my name is 'Pim van Mun', I started using an 
      alias 'Stony' since this sounds much better in English.
      I'm 19 years old, born on the 26th of September back in '75, 
      and I live in Holland.

      I'm studying 'Computer Science' at the 'Hogeschool 
      's-Hertogenbosch' and have two more years to go out of four. 
      As most people might think I'm not a coder for any group, 
      Studying 'Computer Science' does not mean that I automatically 
      do coding, I have done some coding before I started this study. 
      Since Februari '94 I started doing some artwork for several 
      groups/people. In the same year I joined Trance PC, The Hornet 
      Team and Xtended Fantasies.
      At the moment I'm very busy with Trance doing T-Shirts 
      and GFX for the parties to come and as you can see I'm also 
      very busy with The Hornet Team.

      I just finished my 2nd year today with an endpresentation 
      and endreport about Information Systems, Information Development
      and System Administration which I have done in a company I 
      have worked for half a year now.
      This means my holidays have started so... going to as much 
      Parties as I have money for :)

      I was asked to do some artwork for 'Freedom' several months ago.
      I also did the CD-Printage for 'Escape', as I enjoyed working 
      with Daniel and Christopher I decided to do it again.
      I offered to do the CD-Printage and the insert background layer 
      for 'Freedom'.

                   _..--==[( THE INSERT BACKGROUND )]==--.._

      The compete insert consists of 3 seperate pictures, each picture 
      has a resolution of 1800x1640 !! This was necessary because the 
      printed pictures should have the exact size for the booklet !

      Before I started I was trying to get some ideas for the layout, 
      I found some nice ideas with help of different people.
      Since the layout is too large to draw it all I decided to do a 
      scan-job and manipulate it later.
      I searched for about 100 magazines ! to find some nice pieces 
      which as I thought had something to do with the title 'Freedom'.
      I have used different elements which I think are related 
      to 'Freedom' such as: 
                - The Chessboard                    => Intelligence
                - The Statue of Liberty            
                - Rocket                            => Unlimited Universe
                - The Sun                           => Light
                - Symbols of Faith                  => Spiritual Freedom
                - Time                              => Never ending   
                - Earth, Water and Air              => Nature

                    _..--==[( PROGRAMMES USED )]==--.._
      I have created the layout with use of different programmes 
      since all programmes had some good functions but none had 
      all of them.
      The programmes I have used are Adobe Photoshop, PhotoFinish 
      and Paintbrush.

               _..--==[( TIME.... TIME.... TIME.... )]==--.._

      I have spent a lot of time creating this layout, the time 
      for finding pictures, cutting pictures, do a storyboard 
      layout, scanning the picture and finishing the picture. 
      It has took me about 50 hours to finish the picture as it 
      is used.

                  _..--==[( PEOPLE WHO SAW IT ! )]==--.._

      I showed the layout to a lot of people, this group did 
      exist of demofreaks, family, girlfriend, CAD designers, 
      Systemdevelopers and other people who aren't in any way 
      related to the computer-scene.
      I show the picture too them without saying where it was 
      meant for and who made it.
      I have had many positive reactions of all the people 
      some critics were made as 'The picture is too black'. 
      Well... I know the picture is black but I think it looks
      nice to have a b/w outlined font for the information.
      One funny reaction I got when I said that I designed it
      was 'Where did you copy it from ?'.

                      _..--==[( THANKS )]==--.._

      I want to thank all people who helped me with the ideas 
      for the picture and all the people who wanted to share 
      their opinion with me.

      Special thanks go to : 
                - Mike (MDSO), for letting me borrow his 
                  A4 Flatbedscanner and all the other hardware 
                  support given during the years.
                - MeriaDoc, for helping me with getting all the files,
                  without CRC errors, sent to Dan.

                      _..--==[( CONCLUSION )]==--.._

      I hope everyone who see the picture, remember it is a background 
      and not a gfx-compo addition !, will like it.

      I enjoy working with Dan and Chris, they have a very good way of
      organizing all the work to be done and giving information which 
      makes it easy to do some artwork.

      A minor thing of it all is that the mailserver, on which I am 
      connected too via my school, doesn't work properly and so files
      arrive damaged from/to me.

                                               Stony, aka Pim van Mun

           .88888a.     88,
          8888'  `8.    888                                .,.
         |888'    `8 .488888888a.                            88,   
         8888      '    888               88).(888;.          `88. 
         |888           888    .888888.   8888' `(88)  .       88' 
          8888.         888   8888'  `8.  888'    88:  :8.    .8'  
           `88888.      888  |888'    `8  888     88)   `88=8=88,  
              `8=88,    888  8888      8  888     88)         `88, 
                 `88,   )88  |888     ,8  888     88:           88 
                   88   888   8888.  ,8'  888     88|           8) 
                   8)   888    `888888    888     88:           8' 
                   8'   88'                                   .8'  
                  j'    l'                                   '     
                  '      '
                [ Member of Trance/Hornet Team/Xtended Fantasies ]
                         [ E-Mail : ]

-Primal ( has a B/W picture on the opposite end of
the tray card, a picture in the collage (gray/brownish), and also did
the Intel fake sticker.  Along with art Primal composes music, creates
ascii drawings, coded the demobook, and helped in getting questions
and permission.  Jack of all trades is Quang and a much needed helper in
this huge project.

-Dana Dominiak created the front cover for Escape and the Flag of Freedom
sticker for this CD after I bugged the hell out of her to do something.
Her company--Webfoot Technologies, Inc.--is helping distribute this CD.

-Chris Graves & Joe Miragliuolo created the Eruption sticker.  My sister
and I felt red for the lava looked best.  So that sticker better be RED.

-The Don, Steve Stiles, and Puppet Head had their art used in the collage
on the last page.  The Don (from South Africa) drew the Jap Anime character,
Steve Stiles (USA) created the impaled person, and Puppet Head (USA) drew the
female cyberhacker.


I've tried to make this CD as much yours as it is mine...asking for 
contributions, suggestions, and such.  A few responses trickled in.  As
usual I hoped for more than I got and felt let down.


Sorry if you feel this way.  But if you do then...SO BE IT!


Planning is tough to do.  Once again (like for ESCAPE) I tried to set some 
dates for this CD.  Nothing rigorous but it is always nice to actually 
conclude a project...and do so within a reasonable amount of time.  Lots of
delays helped me miss most/all of the phantom deadlines I set for myself.
How convenient.  Depending on as many people as I did for Freedom didn't
help much either.  Course, the good thing is that given time everyone or
most everyone did come through.  Oh, and my deadline goal was set as MID/
LATE September 1995.


What you possess in your CD ROM player is something not many CDs achieve.
It is call user unfriendliness and is not something to be proud about under
normal circumstances.  No flashy menu driven interfaces here.  By the way,
who needs instructions anyhow?

Okay, this section is for those unlucky few who somehow have this CD and 
know very little about computers.


Pkzip/Pkunzip, Lha, and Arj can be found in the \misc\arcers directory.
They are all self extracting and need to be placed in a directory that
is accessed by your PATH statement (look at your AUTOEXEC.BAT).  Most people 
extract these files in their C:\UTILS\ directory.  So, if you don't already
have them there then put them there.

For files with .ZIP extension use:  PKUNZIP filename.ZIP
For files with .ARJ extension use:  ARJ x filename.ARJ
For files with .LHA or .LZH   use:  LHA x filename.LHA 
                                    LHA x filename.LZH


Once you have the necessary arcer files you can start uncompressing files
and running them.  For most files just copy them from the CD to a directory
on your hard drive and then uncompress them as shown above.  Then run the
(usually) .EXE file and your off.

See, pretty simple.  A flashy menu driven interface would just get in the
way and slow you down.

Most demos on this CD can run with your normal configuration--memory 
managers and about 570+K.  However, if you run into problems you should
do a clean boot.  One way this can be achieved is by hitting the function 
key F5 in MS DOS 6.xx.  Another alternative is to create a BOOT
floppy.  I have included a sample AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS in the  
\misc\misc directory that I use.  Reading the instructions for a demo/
intro/whatever is your best bet in getting things to work properly.
I recommend having LOTS of MEMORY free (600k) and no memory managers      
(i.e. EMM/QEMM).  However, I usually find myself running all the latest
demos/intros with QEMM, CDROM drivers, smartdriver, doskey, ansi, share,
setver, and so on.  Sometimes the system crashes, sometimes it doesn't.
When it does crash I typically boot with a floppy and 9 times out of 10
the demo/intro works.

My setup consist of a SCSI CD ROM drive powered by the SB16 (PORT 220,     
IRQ 7, DMA1, DMA5), Gravis Ultrasound (PORT 240, IRQ 11, DMA 7, 1024K RAM),
a 14.4k Supra Modem, P90, Stealth Video VRAM, and the usual HD, etc.

Having a SB compatible sound card is not essential but considering most     
of this CD contains MUSIC it is highly recommended.  Of course the GRAVIS
ULTRASOUND is the preferred sound card to own for the most listening 
Most, if not all, the demos/files on this CD will work on a 386 system     
though a 486DX is recommended.  Have patience and a decent system (with
a GUS and SB) and chances are you will get 99% of the files running.
Good luck.     


I have run the majority of the programs on this CD--scanning most--and
did not come across any viruses.  Suspicious programs were deleted and to
the best of my knowledge no programs on this CD contain a virus.  The 
latest versions of F-PROT and SCAN were used in checking.


I would like to thank all of the following groups/people who granted me
permission to include their stuff on this CD:

Psychic Monks, Jamm, Majic 12, Megabusters, Technomancer, Night Vision,
Scoop, Jeskola, Complex, Core Image, Purple, Yahoo, Amen, Amour, Guru Magic,
Remedy, Random, Craw Productions, Necros, Pure Resistance, Infiny, Capacala,
Sunrise Industry, Therapy, Fascination, Valhalla, Kosmic, Overlook, Trixter,
Orange, Extreme, Legend Design, Immortal Software Prod, Rogue, Pentagon,
The Surrounders, Static Hype, Acme, Laserdance, Nostalgia, Massive, ACID
Mist, Waterlogic, Wizard, Skaven, Renaissance, Surprise Productions, Ruffkat,
ICE, Firelight, Symptom, Moby, and all those whom I have forgotten or I got 
permission from at the last minute.


Many thanks go to the following:  
Christopher Mann        - For MC3 and taking over the "hornet" site.
George Nowik            - Good job with MC3...we got over 100 entries.
ALL MC3 ENTRIES         - Thanks for taking the time to enter and provide
                          most of the songs on the audio CD.
John Eccles             - Allowed us to get YOUR audio to DAT and sound GREAT.
The REW                 - Contributed Atlantic Shores.
Cybelius                - Contributed The Rainy Road. Your music disks ROCK.
Zodiak                  - Contributed Respirator.  It should have qualified.
Krystall & Cynthia      - I'll take a Night of Dreams.  Keep Cynthia singing.
Jason & Kristen         - If Trent Reznor is light rock then what's that make
                        - All I Feel is Hate?  I still listen to toxicmas.
Ryan Cramer             - Gathered most of the music directory, mpoli stuff
                          code directory, and put it all on a HD for us.
Chris Graves            - The graphics directory kicks ass. Eruption sticker.
Tumblin                 - For helping out and writing that text file.
Jonathan Vail           - Film man is back again doing the CD LABEL films.
Darkness                - Being there and getting PL to contribute art.
PL                      - For the FRONT cover and cool jail picture, I hope
                          you are not too upset at my collage.
ToneDef                 - The back cover art is awesome.
XTEN                    - Mr. Font did our traycard art and the Catch Sticker.
Primal                  - Demobook coding, Intel Fake sticker, permissions,
                          the inside traycard picture, a collage picture,
                          and some ascii.  Primal even composes music (HELL).
Pim van Mun (Stony)     - Both CD label artwork and the weird art for the    
                          CD booklet.  I'm hoping it all turns out great.
Dana Dominiak           - Flag of Freedom sticker and distribution.
The Don                 - Jap Anime in the collage.
Puppet Head             - Female computer user in collage.
Steve Stiles            - Impaled guy in the collage.
Popcorn                 - For the 2 CD idea.
Jeff Molofee            - For the game and E-mail of other games.
David Foley             - For being a distributer.
Joe Miragliuolo         - Helped Chris Graves with Eruption sticker.

And simple greets fly out to:  GraveDigger, Trixter, Clement Poon, Ryan K.,
Krister, Pascal P., Meriadoc, Iron Feather, Hoplite, Lord Soth, Radman, those 
two guys who took me to the airport after NAID and any I may have forgotten.


This CD is being distributed by Webfoot Technologies, Inc. out of Lemont, IL
and HyperWare out of San Francisco, CA. 


So, I've decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into
the wrong hands.--The Prodigy (Track #1)


You have finally reached end of this text file.  So, I guess I should 
reward you with a few tidbits of wisdom from me and others:

"People tend to remember the little things you DON'T do for them rather 
than the little things you do do." --Dan Wright

"Give me convience or give me death." --Dead Kennedys

"The games almost over when you can see the clubhouse." --Joe Wright

"If you never attempt to climb the mountain then you'll never reach the
top."  --8/15/91 Dan Wright

"Things can be organized, not people." --2/28/93 Dan Wright

"You can hide it but its not going to go away." --10/7/93 Dan Wright

"Keep the air alive"  --Christian Slater in "Pump up the Volume"

"Honesty is the isolation machine." -- Henry Rollins

I won't take, I won't break,

Dan Wright
Pallbearer / Toxic Zombies

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PHONE   : 954 370-1373

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