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From: (Teemu Peltonen)

-> -Height, weight, age, location, name.

Height: 175
Weight: 60 KG
Age: 18
Location: Raisio, Finland
Name: Teemu Peltonen

-> -Place you would like to live.

Anywhere where is warm and Internet. Well, USA would be cool.

-> -Favorite Movie/TV show, book, game, demo, music, meal.

Movie: Jurassic Park
TV Show: Home Improvement
Book: The hunt for Red October
Game: Doom by ID Software
Demo: Verses by EMF
Music: Dance (2 Unlimited) and Roxette -alike music.
Meal: Lasagne

-> -First computer owned.


-> -If you could have three wishes what would you wish for.

Umm... I won't tell..;)

-> -How you discovered demos.

I saw YO by Future Crew.

-> -Group name, list of members.

Anarchy PC Finland, members:

Abstract - addit. code, music
Liki     - code
Peak     - code, pr, bbs
Quark    - code, pr, bbs
Zygote   - music

-> -What do you like/dislike about the demo scene.

I don't like flaming (absolutely too much up here north), and I like parties.

-> -What is your opinion of the US.

Country where I would live if there were better demoscene.

-> -What do you think of people in the US (i.e. stereotypes).

Well... This thingy was printed in US, wasn't it? No comment..;-D

-> -Career plans.

Computer programmer / management.

-> -Biggest disappointment in your life.

I didn't get that 486/33 on 1st December 1992. I was really down. Then my dad
brought it home on the next day and I was then happiest guy in the world.

-> -Good advice for others to heed.

Don't do it.

-> -Tell us something we should know.

Meaning of the life is 42.

-> -What two people today would you like to meet.

Um. This is hard. I have been thinking of this question for five minutes. I
can't get up a single name.

-> -What do you hope to accomplish in the demo scene.

We want to be the best. Doesn't everybody?

-> -How long does it take you to compose a tune.

I am not a composer, but our composer says that it takes from five minutes to
several days, depending on how large inspiration it is. Simplest hardcode
technotunes get ready in five minutes, and largest symphony alike tunes take
about one week to get ready.

-> -What tracker do you use to compose music.

Previously Fast Tracker, now Scream Tracker 3, in near future probably Fast
Tracker 2.

-> -Demo plans.

We're going to do demos first ready and then look at what party to aim.

-> -Do you think most demo groups are too serious.

No. This stuff is ment to be fun, but serious fun. If someone really wants to
make us laugh, don't do it with stupid jokes (lousy drawed pictures, missing
effects etc), but do it so that we start laughing on how GOOD is it done!

-> -Personal life--what else do you do for fun.

Currently nothing else. I spend nowadays all of my free time with computer.
This will change in a few weeks, because I get then my driver's license (yes,
in Finland and as far as I know, in the rest of the Europe, the age for that is
18. Torturing, eh?->)

-> -What does the future hold for you.

University or high school, job, family, and, eventually, death. Surprised?

-> -Where do you see the demo scene in the next 10 years.

In Internet and parties - I guess.

-> -What do you feel is missing from the demo scene.

Real friendship.

-> -Will Virtual Reality ever catch on.

Yes it will. But it will take time.

-> -How can we contact you.

Send email to If that doesn't work, give a call to
my BBS (+358-21-4383244, 24h). If THAT doesn't work, send me a letter. Snail
mail address is Teemu Peltonen
                Karkkokuja 7
                21260 Raisio
If THAT doesn't work, then something is REALLY screwed up..

        Quark / Anarchy