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October 13, 1994
     Welcome to ESCAPE--the DEMO and MUSIC CD.  I thought up the idea
     of a DEMO CD over a year ago when I was thinking about writing a
     book on demos.  Well, the book never got written but the CD, or a
     version thereof, is now in your hands.  
     This CD actually started as a "MC][" music/data CD by Snowman and
     progressed into a DEMO/MUSIC CD.  I felt a "mixed mode" CD with
     demos would have a greater selling value than just "music."  That
     and the fact that I wanted to see a DEMO CD convinced me to join
     forces with Snowman.  So, that is the brief history of this
     disk...and some six/seven months later the talk is reality.

     As this CD goes to press I discovered ISO formatting takes up a
     huge amount of space.  Thus, to allow all the music (hopefully)
     I had to delete some DEMOS and MUSIC items.  Even with the cuts
     we will be pushing this CD to its MAX and may still lose part of
     a song--sorry if this happens, just chalk it up to inexperience.
     The files deleted include:
     MUSIC:  All of MC1, and music disk CHROMATI.ZIP and XTCPLAY.ZIP
     DEMOS:  amourfou, batoba, bparty3, b_ware, cpu_uf, dancube, dartdemo,
             fraggel, gustrit, idh_anim, london, loaders, re, and vectrat.

     To me it is obvious.  At first the CD's name was "ENOLA" or alone
     spelled backwards.  Solitude spelled backwards was also considered. 
     I then discussed the idea with a few artist--one of them being
     Puppet Head who was going to contribute some art but never did--and
     the name "ESCAPE" came up between PH and I.  It sounded great so I
     decided to call this CD "ESCAPE." Everyone has their own way of
     dealing with reality--drinking, drugs, TV,computers, etc. 
     Computers are my escape, my abode.  Most can not fathom that so I
     do not bother telling most.  Especially those whose "escape" may
     be drinking and socializing.  This is my world.  A different
     surrounding with those whom I can relate to.  Those, who like me,
     share similar ideals and can relate to what I do and why I do what
     I do.  As "ROLLINS" says:  "See me--Put yourself in my place. 
     Be me--Put my eyes in your face.  Maybe then you'll see why this
     place terrifies me and why I've got to get myself away.  So hard to
     deal with the ones who can't feel. They continually blow my mind."
     I have been asked to write a few words for this CD.  As I have
     nothing particular to say, I will ramble for a bit...
     This CD represents the culmination of two and a half years of my
     life. When I first entered the "demo scene" in early 1992, I
     decided to concentrate on music.  The following two years I spent
     learning how to write tunes in various trackers.  In chronological
     order, I used Whacker Tracker (.MOD), Composer 669(.669),
     Farandole (.FAR), and finally MultiTracker (.MTM/.MOD). I have not
     yet taken the time to learn Scream Tracker 3 but it seems like the
     next logical tracker for me to tackle.
     An abrupt slow-down to my musical progression was, oddly enough,
     caused byMusic Contest 1.  Since I had so many non-musical duties
     associated with MC1, I began to think of myself as
     Snowman-Organizer rather than Snowman-Musician.  The 2 Music
     Contests have taken up 14 months of my life, and consequently I am
     not as good a musician as I had hoped to be at this point. 
     Lately, I have also been branching out into other "demo" areas;
     namely coding and graphics.  I picked up Pascal, C/C++, and some
     basic 8086 Assembler over the past year.  As yet, I have only done
     very simple things with this knowledge.  My graphics prowess
     still remains highly in question.  One unexpected benefit of
     learning coding came from a much different area of my life.  I am
     currently a sophomore at Akron University, majoring in Computer
     Science and minoring in English Literature.  Until recently, I had
     thought these two areas completely unrelated.  However, that
     appears to have been an erroneous assumption.  I can now see many
     relationships in structure between both literature and code.  This
     may seem a bit odd at first, but it is truly a beautiful thing
     that not many people are able to experience.  The Music Contests
     have given me a lot to do, and the rewards seem to have been worth
     the effort.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to listen to all
     of the wonderful music that has been submitted.  One undisclosed
     source paid MC2 the compliment that the contest seemed to have
     better entries than CC1 and even the Assembly 94 Music Compo. 
     After seeing all of the work musicians have put into making MC2 a
     success, I believe this to be true.  I hope you enjoy this CD.  It
     has taken a great amount of effort by numerous people to produce. 
     You may find the occasional mis-printing in the insert, or an
     error on the audio portion, but I think that this is to be
     expected given the inexperience of those of us who put it
     Now turn off the lights, take off your shoes, and get
     in a comfortable chair. Plug a set of headphones in your stereo
     and turn the volume up to 7.  Hit play and close your eyes.  Its
     time to forget about all of the homework you have to do.  Its time
     to forget about all of the sleep you are missing.  Its time now to
     -Christopher G. Mann   October 5th, 1994 
     /    Christopher G. Mann (Snowman),      \
     /   Contributer : DemoNews Weekly | FTP-Op :   \
     /   Coordinator : Music Contest ][ | Independent musician & coder \ 
     Most demos on this disk can run
     with your normal configuration--memory managers and about 570+K. 
     When in doubt do a clean boot (check the demos\misc directory for
     AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files for a clean boot).  Some demos
     require 600k+.  Some will say this while most will just hang
     providing you with a "clue."  I recommend having LOTS of MEMORY
     free (600k), no memory managers, SVGA, a 486DX, a SBpro (port 220,
     Irq 7, DMA 1), GUS (port 240, Irq 11, DMA 7, 1024K), and patience. 
     I do not recommend having any kind of STACKER program.  
     My setup consist of:  
     386DX40, MSDOS 5.0, SVGA Tseng video card, 700+meg Hard Drive, 
     14.4 Supra Modem, GUS (240,11,7), and a SB16 (220,7,5,1).  
     I have tested ALL the demos on this disk and about
     95% ran on my setup.  Some require a MATHCO, a few need a 486,
     others will crash in the middle or end, and some like UNODEMO and
     BORNTRO just did not work at all on my system.  Keep in mind that
     demos are not games thus the coders do not have the funds nor time
     to check every configuration so if you have problems work with
     your CONFIGURATIONS and odds are the demo will run.  If not then
     maybe you do not have a GUS or the demo will just not work with
     your system.  Good luck.  
     Some demos DO include nudity. 
     Only one demo--Women by Access Denied--was excluded from this
     production due to being too extreme.  The demos/intros that have
     even brief nudity include the following:  Lovedemo, activity,
     B_ware, Cardiac, Dz_debute, Demonic, Motion, Monstra, Phantom,
     Portal, Wish, 2phobia, Symptom, Ass_amen, Megamix, Msrules, Btw,
     and Tfo_ptm.  There may be more but I think this list is
     exhaustive.  So, if nudity offends then avoid the above files. 
     Exploring all of the demos on this disk I have come across a few 
     "Greats" and a few "Notables."  
     Crystal Dreams I & II 
     Heart Quake 
     Second Reality (2ndreal) 
     TFO_PTM (The Final Option) 
     Megademo (2.7 megs) 
     There are definitly more that can and should be added to these lists 
     but I have already typed too much.  
     Demos not here due to permission denied:  
     Legend design -- WARP and all their productions.
     Dust -- Stoned 4kbyte intro.  
     I have attemped to contact as MANY people as possible regarding 
     "permission."  Most seemed indifferent (FC) and 95% of the others gave 
     a YES.  
     Since there is no intention to "profit" off this CD I hope no one will
     be upset if their production appeared on this CD without
     Groups that did give permission include at LEAST these:  
     Digital Infinity, Admire, Eniac, EMF, DiE, Flash
     Productions, VLA, Hystersis, Surprise! Productions, Division
     Software Group, DNA, Nostilga, Blacktek, Asphyxia, Renaissance,
     Deadly Force Mag, Razor, Gollum, Complex, Technomaster, Capacala,
     Remedy Productions, Digital Arts, Wonder Monkey, Immortal
     Syndicate, Witan, Iguana, Chromatics, Twilight Zone, Darkzone,
     TET, and Soft_One Productions.  
     Thanks go to all of you.  
     WITAN was nice enough to include a special demo for this
     CD--WTNHOUSE--which is the GUS version of their TECHNO part in the
     Facts of Life demo.  
     There are many people to greet in a production like this but I will 
     keep it brief.   Many thanks go to the following:  
     Christopher Mann--MC][, helping with this CD and the demo site. 
     Pim Van Mun (Stony)--CD label art. 
     Jester--Back Insert art...the many hours. 
     Dana Dominiak--Art, ideas, printing help. 
     Johnathan Vail--Screen layout. 
     DareDevil--All the demos uploaded and the QIC. 
     C.C. Catch--The contribution. 
     David & Nick--The CD-R. 
     Joe Schofield--Support and almost a DEMO.TXT interface. 
     Burning Chrome--Possible art, submitting demos. 
     MC][ winners--Thanks for letting us use your music. 
     Uploaders--Thanks for uploading to all these years. 
     And those I forgot. 
     This text started off in DOS, went through WINDOWS and was ported
     back to DOS.  It took more time then it was worth--about an hour
     to correct all the crap WP in Windows did when I incorrectly saved
     it as a TEXT file.  So, if you find any mistakes accept it as 
     wanting to get this CD to press ASAP.  So there you, it
     is time for me to get out of here...Escape back to reality.

     You can contact me if you have any questions at:  (305) 370-1373 
     Dan Wright
     1320 N.W. 76th Avenue 
     Plantation, FL 33322-4740 
     Let the party begin...