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       $$$$$#g,   dP         `$$       $b      d$
       `$$   "$b mgg  s$$$$$s j$  ,$P  $$b,  ,d$$    `"$p   ,g$$$$$'
        $$    $$  $$  "$gp,   j$,dP'   $$`$bd$'$$ ,g#$$$$  d$    $$
   +-- j$$   d$'  $$     `"$p d$"$b,   $$ `$P' $$ $$   $$  "$b   $$ ---+
   |   $$$$$$P'  n$$e "$$$$$' $$  "$b  $$,     $$ "$$$$$$s  `"$$$$$    |
   |                                                            ,$'    |
   |                $$$$$$g,                   `$$         `"S$$P'     |
   |                `$$   `$b    `"$p  ,g#$$$#s j$  ,$P                |
   |                 $$   d$' ,g#$$$$  $$'      j$,dP'                 |
   +--------------- j$$$$$P'  $$   $$  $$,   ,g d$"$b, ----------------+
                    $$$       "$$$$$$s  "$$$$P' $$  "$b

                             DiskMag-Pack 2004

The  DiskMag-Pack  is an  extensive  collection  of different  diskmags. We
collected and sorted mainly German but also a lot of international diskmags
on this CD. A complete list can be found in the list_eng.txt file or in the
html documents. Also the time sortet chronology provides a good overview.

This cd was created because nobody has done this before. A typical Scene CD
like  "Dreams 2"  stores only a few  diskmags but never a whole collection.
That's  why  we  created  this archive. We  needed  a  lot of time (several
months)  to sort the collection - we stored as many diskmags as possible on
this  CD.  Then  for every diskmag we  added  a picture, a description, and
created the menu. And this because of Cream...

For  beginners we recommend the text files  of the English mags.faq by Adok
(main  editor  of Hugi). The Hugi diskmag  is also one of the most relevant
diskmags and can be executed directly from the CD.


The readers of many diskmags  regularly take part  in an opinion poll.  The
opinion poll  creates a list of the  top 10 demos, intros and of course the
best diskmags.  In the  15th issue  of Worldcharts  from December 2002  the
following results were presented:

            1. Pain                           6. Static Line
            2. Hugi                           7. Wildmag
            2. Chemical Reaction              8. Shine
            4. Worldcharts                    9. Budyn
            5. Imphobia                      10. Legend

In addition to that, we recommend  WildMag, TAP.MAG, Cream, Suicide, IMAgE,
Mars,  Skyline  and Platinum for all  German  readers. We recommend Gutter,
Blister, Fistful of Steel, Ooze, Beyond the Horizon and Trip 2 Hell for be-
ginners who  are interested in ansi magazines. Very interesting newsletters
are Demojournal, Static Line, Trax Weekly and the Hugi Newsletter.

                            Technical Problems

OUT OF MEMORY:  This  is usually  an  EMS-Memory  error  message.  Edit the
   config.sys  and change or delete the  tag NoEMS after the emm386.exe tag
   and reboot your system.

WRONG SOUNDCARD:  Copy the diskmag onto your  hard disk,  type attrib -r /s
   and  then start it again. In some cases it is necessary that you run the
   diskmag  with  the parameter /setup or /c.  If this doesn't work, try to
   delete the .cfg config file.

WRITE PROTECTION:  After you have copied  the whole diskmag files onto your
   hard  disk  you have to remove the  attributes of these files, i.e. type
   attrib -r /s.

GUS:  Some  diskmags  can  only play  music  with  the  "Gravis Ultrasound"
   soundcard.  If you don't have  a GUS use the NoSound option of the maga-
   zine (if available) or just type '0' if recommended.

VESA:  If a diskmag shows you an entire  list of graphic cards use the Vesa
   option.  If this doesn't work, install UniVBE, which can be found in the
   tools directory of this CD, and try again.

ZIP:  Some diskmags contain special programs,  source codes or a game which
   is attached in a zipped file. With one of the following programs you can
   unpack these files: PKUnzip, WinZip16 or WinZip32.

RUNTIME ERROR 200:  If this error occurs, the tools  ctBPPat or TPPatch can
   fix   the   incompatible  program  files.   Compressed   files  must  be
   decompressed with UNP before. In each case the diskmag have to be copied
   on hard disc.

EXIT: If Esc or the right mouse button doesn't work try Alt+X or F10.


The  responsible author  for the  original concept  and the  disk magazines
collection is Thiemo 'mados' Maettig. Special thanks for their help fly out
to: cy-man, Coctail, Adok, Stefan Beck, Mesios and Tomcat/Greenroom.

Without our written permission, the CD must not be copied either as a whole
or partly under this name. It must not be re-sold, either. All descriptions
stored  as html or text files are subject to this copyright. The individual
diskmags  are the property  of their  respective  authors and may be copied
according  to  their  individual legal  requirements.  All company or trade
names are the property of their respective owners.

This  collection  was  arranged to the  best  of  our knowledge and belief.
Nevertheless  errors may occur, for  example due to inappropriate handling.
The  authors of  this  CD are neither  liable  for any damage that possibly
occurs  nor  for  third-party legal  requirements.  Known  problems will be
remedied or documented on the next version of the CD, if possible.

                             (c) WildMag 2004