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Burn howtoo to the Demoshow CD

1. Download all files from this directory

2. Start the exe - file
   -> ISO-file unpacked
   -> for that you need env. 700MB free Space

3. Start your burn program, load the ISO-file
   and burn the CD
   -> you need a 730MB/80Min CD for that
      and you have to finalize the CD
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For Nero-Users:

Start Nero, but close all this nasty wizards. Now 
you are in the Nero-program itselfe with a window
at the right site (on the left side is nothing).
Go to File -> Burn CD image
Change the file-type to *.*
Search the iso and load it
Now a window with some configuration-stuff pop up
(block length and so on) - DON'T CHANGE IT - the
settings are automatically and fit to the iso-file.
Now start with burn.