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ABYSS presents

|  DEMO OR DIE! Vol. 3  |

a Demo Compilation Video DVD

containing the following demos:

ASD - Ambient for the Masses
ASD - Aphorism for the Masses
ASD - Antidote for the Masses
ASD - Iconoclast
Synesthetics - Instant Zen
Portal Process - Don't Stop
Candela - Fair Play to the Queen
Conspiracy - Saturday Night Scener
Doomsday - Legomania
Faktory - 47'111.0
Federation Against Nature - Still Sucking Nature
Melon Dezign - I Feel Like a Computer
mfx & Kewlers - Breakpoint '05 Invitation
Suspend - The S

Technical Features:

- All demos captured with the wonderful tool .kkapture by ryg/farbrausch (best tool of the year IMO)
  at 50 frames/sec for smoothest playback, 16:9 anamorphic widescreen encoding
  optimized for widescreen TVs. Experience your favorite demos in a never-seen-before
  quality. No slowdowns or tearing. 
- MPEG-2 encoded at the highest possible bitrate. 8 MBit/s video, 384 kBit/s audio for
  the ultimate quality even with beamers.

- Animated Menus. Direct demo selection or whole DVD playback. 
  Check the screencaps Demo.or.Die.Vol2.DVD.Menu.Page{1-3}.jpg

- optional MTV style subtitles showing the demo's name, group, party, rank and award.

- 150dpi DVD Box cover included for print-out (Demo.or.Die.Vol2.DVD.Cover.png)


- Demo capturing, subtitles, DVD menus, DVD authoring by Bartman/Abyss
- used ".kkapture" by ryg/farbrausch
- Support by Wintermute/Abyss and Andy/Nuance
- Menu music by Man With No Alias/Synesthetics.


this originally started out as a personal project, but after the huge response after it was distributed
on DVD at our monthly Munich demo scene meeting ( and numerous requests
by people, I decided to pack it together as an ISO and upload it to


-- Bartman/Abyss //

Vol. 1 is already available at 
Vol. 2 is already available at